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Heartland Research Group
John Lefgren has been leading a group of interested people pursuing archeological findings at Wayne Mays proposed site for the ancient Zarahemla temple. I am one of those people. What has been found so far is a compacted sand base 4" below the surface that is about 130' long by 90' wide by 21' deep. The precise dimensions of this sand base are not yet determined but is in progress. The sand base is distinctly different from the loamy soils that surround it, suggesting that it is of human construction. It's too early to draw conclusions but soil and sand testing is in progress. Aerial photography and ground penetrating magnetometers are also being planned/considered that can show subsurface signs of ancient human habitations in a target 10,000 acre area. Here are some photos and diagrams from John Lefgren of the research being planned.

[Image: SolomonTempleOutline.jpg]

[Image: SandFoundation.jpg]

[Image: Survey.jpg]

[Image: Sensys.jpg]

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