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Adding Jaredite places to the ZCHM
The Jaredite portion of the model was completed in record time - about 8 months ahead of schedule.

The number of Jared places is few. In fact, only one single Jaredite city is specifically named, although the book of Ether says there were many Jaredite cities. Ether's abridgement was abridged again by Mormon. Fortunately, there are some correspondences between Jaredite locations and Nephite locations that help get a bearing and make it possible, given topographical considerations, to narrow the scope and make some reasonable placements. A key to the situation is to realize that the land of Moron was the capital and contained the throne of the king. In tracing the line of the kings and the brief history for each this becomes very apparent. Another key is that the land of Moron is in the land designated by the Nephites as "Desolation" because of widespread destruction the early Nephite explorers found there. And then again, the statement that the hill Ramah is the same as the hill Cumorah gives a positive identification for the narrative of the final battles that took place.

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