Merry Christmas



We hope you each have a very Merry Christmas.  For many, this is probably an exciting time as you see Christmas through kids’ wide eyes.  For all of us, it is a time to pause at the end of a busy year and to reflect on things that matter most.


We have really enjoyed seeing some of you this fall at reunion and visits in Alpine.  If you are in the area, let us know!  


We have attached our family Christmas letter … updates our lives a bit.


Blessings on each of you.


Dave/Wendy Ulrich




We hope you enjoyed General Conference.  What marvelous and uplifting words from church leaders.  A strong emphasis on joy, acceptance, and loving each other as the Savior would do.


We had a delightful reunion Friday night.  We had about 25 missionaries plus spouses and kids for about 60 to 70 people.  We have attached updates from many we heard from.


We were able to share missionary memories and stories.  So, we hope you take a few minutes just to ponder about the mission and memories you might have of things you did, people you met, and how you felt.  It was such a delight to remember cold winters, smallish apartments, significant events (baseball game signing, Quebec chapel dedication, zone conferences outside, etc.), and people (companions, members, investigators) we met.


We also talked a bit about life in the early 30’s.  While people are in very different and unique places (married or not, with kids or not, into career or not, active in church or not, etc.), this is a time in life of enormously high demands with so many things going on at once.  Wendy and I sort of zone out when we try to remember this time of life.


As we talked, a few reminders may help …

  • Patience, relax. No one can “do it all” all the time.  This is a time to be patient with yourself and to relax the drive for accomplishing goals every time on time.
  • Prioritize and satisfice … prioritize means focusing on things that matter most and letting some of the other things go.  “Satisfice” means just getting by on some things while “optimizing” a few things.
  • Savor the moments.  Find “joy” (message of conference) by focusing on what you are doing … accomplishing something at work, building relationship with spouse and/or kids, developing a personal habit, connecting with the divine, etc.  Many of the “to do” tasks require unlimited attention and we can only do what we can do.
  • Build relationships.  We have just seen research that says that being connected with others is as important to mortality (living longer) as not smoking and more important than exercise and nutrition.
  • Stay connected to God.  God is always accessible and will join you in your personal journey


We hope you can muddle through these demanding years and find a sense of joy in the moments.


We always enjoy hearing from  you and learning how you are doing.  If you hear from others, have them send us their email.


My you know that we continue to think about and pray for you.


Dave/Wendy Ulrich

2016 Reunion

TO:  CMM’ers 2002 to 2005

We are excited to announce our 2016 reunion.

When:  Friday, September 30, 2016

Time:  6:30 to 9 (meeting at 7:30)

Where:  Alpine 6th ward chapel:
Alpine 6th Ward
901 Village Way
Alpine, UT  84004

Who:  CMM’ers and family

What:  Catch up, share goodies, brief meeting on being successful in this life stage.  Dress casual.

If you cannot attend, please send us update of what you are doing.  Some of you are married, some not.  Some of you have kids, some not.  Some of you are through with school, some not.  Some of you are into a career, some not.  Some of you are into church, some not.  Some of you are happy with life, some not.  Regardless, please share your update with us.

We are doing well.  We are grandparents of 8, living in Alpine (come visit!), and aging (one of us gracefully).   We have worked together on a couple of talks (a 12-stake youth conference, southern Virginia university commencement, etc.) and articles (December 2016 article coming out on returning missionaries).

Wendy continues to write (latest book Let God Love You just out with Deseret Book).   She speaks at  Time Out for Women in Texas, Alabama, and Oregon this fall. She has been invited to be a Trustee for Southern Virginia University.  She teaches an alternative Sunday School class for adults on learning the skills of the gospel.  She has a zest for grandkids and the wildlife in the yard.

Dave continues to write his organization/leadership books and articles, travel (perhaps too much), and teach/consult.  He still teaches (over 10 years) the 16/17 year old Sunday School class and high priests.   He exercises most days and has a zest for chocolate.

Time for a new CMM alumni webmaster

It is time to turn the maintenance of this site to a new webmaster. If you have the interest, time and other qualifications, please send me an email at [email protected] and we can discuss the details. You should:

  1. Be a former missionary that served in the Canada Montreal Mission.
  2. Have the time and interest in maintaining and improving the site.
  3. Have adequate knowledge or experience in web site maintenance.

– Jay Mackley
Current CMM site maintainer

CMM mission update and reunion date September 30 2016

As we move from 2015 to 2016, it is a time to ponder on transition.


Most of us are now 10 to 15 years removed from our CMM mission and your lives are filled in so many different ways.  As we envision you today, we see that some of you are into families and facing the demands related to spouses and raising children while some are single and discovering your personal space in a complex world..  Some of you are into careers that shape your identity while others are still seeking their professional place.  Some of you are active in church and finding meaning through gospel activity while others may be less active in church and pursuing meaning and purpose in different venues. Ultimately, we all find ourselves on unique journeys for our physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well being.


In these personal journeys, we hope that you can remember some of the principles of transition that you probably learned in the mission field.  In Quebec and Ontario over a decade ago, we each had a unique opportunity to manage many transitions (cities, companions, investigators, church units, members, and so forth).   We hope that we all learned to …


  • Attend to relationships that matter … we hope you are each finding meaningful relationships with those who care for you and whom you care for.  Relationships endure across jobs, relocations, and time.  They are worthy of our time and effort.
  • Show resilience or grit … mission life was filled with both high hopes and inevitable disappointments.  We learned to persist in both good times and bad.  We hope that whatever life journey you are on, you are showing real grit and resilience that leads to learning since there will be inevitable ups and downs.
  • Discover and cherish your personal identity … we hope that you are finding an individual and unique identity in the array of your many family, professional, personal, and service roles.   This comes from asking and re-re-re-answering the question, “what do I want?”  We hope that you are proactively defining your wants that shape your actions.
  • Contribute to a community, a cause, and the next generation . . . we hope you are tackling the important question, “How and to whom can I give back?”  Mission memories are often fond because it was a time of intense service. Adulthood is not just about getting but about giving, and making the world better for those who need what you offer.


Mostly, we hope you are each looking forward to a positive 2016.  And, we hope you can feel our enduring admiration, love, and respect for each of you.


May we ask you to hold the date for a mission reunion:  September 30, 2016.  We are not sure what we will do, but we anticipate an event where people can meet former companions and missionaries and remember how our missions shaped our lives. 


We are going to try to run down as many missionaries as possible, so could you also forward this to CMM’ers not on the email list who you come in contact with.  We would appreciate their contact information. 


We cherish staying in touch with you and find our lives blessed by your sharing your lives with us.


This year for Christmas, Dave wrote 52 “essays on belief” for his posterity.  Let us share one with you at the beginning of the year.


Dave/Wendy Ulrich

Montreal Quebec Temple Opens Following Rededication

Christmas Greetings 2014 CMM’ers

We love and miss “our” missionaries.  We enjoy hearing from you and knowing how you are doing.   If/when you are in Utah area, let us know.  We continue to be impressed with how much our mission shaped our lives.

Here is our Christmas letter … hope you have a great holiday season.

December 2014


Dear Friends,

Our 2014 was a sitcom about nothing.* While those around us had lots happen, for the most part Dave and Wendy had a year where personal, work, and family routines were . . . routine – not that there is anything wrong with that! So in this season of Festivus for the Restofus, let us reflect on our year of nothing.

image001 Wendy continues double dipping in church service by speaking at Time Out for Women, serving on committees about missionary mental health, and teaching a Sunday School class on parenting young adults. Her talks are real and they are spectacular. She has become a food nazi, trying to eat more broccoli (Vile weed!) and less of everything else (No soup for her!), so she can fit into  puffy shirts. She loves spending time with 6 grandchildren (oh yea, and her kids, sister, and friends).





image002Dave continues to travel, teach, write, and yada yada yada.  He continues to be the master of his domain as he tries to influence thinking about leadership, HR, and organizations. He challenges his audiences to get out… and have an impact to avoid shrinkage of their roles in companies.  While Wendy loses weight, Dave does the complete opposite by continuing to eat the top of the muffin  and other delectables (that’s a shame!). While preparing for two dental implants this year he has definitely become anti-dentite.





Our children and loved ones also have their routines and their contests that give them meaning:

Carrie and Michael (see above) still live in Salt Lake City, raising 2 children under three, going to school, teaching 18 18-month olds in the Sunday nursery at church, working part time, and now remodeling a 1904 house (which is giving Carrie man hands). They are out there and loving every minute of it! Carrie’s mindfulness training helps her deal with all this with Serenity Now!

image003Monika and Chris had the family thrill this year of Chris graduating from medical school and taking up residency in Sierra Vista, Arizona where, being so close to Mexico, they could wear urban sombreros – if Sierra Vista were actually anything close to being urban. Monika left her job in Jonesboro saying, I’m out to support Chris’ career, but she now has a child to love, a dog to discipline, a yard to care for, and an old truck to repair.





image005Mike and Mel and their three girls still live in Columbia, South Carolina where they are not low talkers in their church community (Mike teaches seminary and Melanie teaches adult Sunday School). Come to think of it Mike is sort of a high talker by definition. Mike hopes to finish graduate school before it finishes him. After all, Nobody beats him because he’s The Wiz!





image006(Most) kidding aside, we are so grateful for friends, family, and the promises of hope through faith that give meaning to our lives. We would love to re-gift (ahem) the spirit of the Christmas season by forwarding to you a Christmas message we loved at And here is the Christmas card picture that goes with it.






With warm wishes to all,

Dave ([email protected]) and Wendy Ulrich ([email protected])



CMM update

TO:   CMM’ers

We hope you are well.   We apologize for not sending an update sooner.   As you probably all know by now, we are not doing a missionary reunion this year, but will do so next October, so put it on your calendar (Oct. 2, 2015 … we hope the evening is open).

General Conference weekend is a wonderful scheduled time to reflect and renew.  In our reflections, we continue to be so impressed by our associations with each of you.  We continue to hear from many of you and would like to hear from all of you.  Hearing from you makes our day because we see in you such hope for our collective future.  Only by caring for each other do we create communities for our personal and family prosperity.

We admire the evolution of your individual lives.  You are each maturing and developing in unique ways.  In God’s economy, there is no need for statistics or averages, since each individual has a unique standing.  Your unique place is framed by your

  • social relationships (family, children, extended family, or being single),
  • intellectual pursuits (career and professional development),
  • emotional maturity (discovering your source of personal well being ),
  • physical aging (which affects us all), and
  • spiritual awakening (finding personal values with God and a community of Saints).

We wish each of you well in finding your way on your personal life journey.   We know that we each struggle with the above life elements.  We hope you feel comfortable sharing your good news and your struggles with us.  We are blessed with an enduring love for each of you.

Our lives also continue to give us opportunities to grow…

  • Socially, we are surrounded by our “kingdom” which ultimately becomes our family (6 grandkids and extended family ), a warm church community (Dave still teaches high priest and16/17 year olds), and close friends
  • Intellectually, we keep writing and speaking (Wendy is speaking in LDS settings this fall in Boise, Huntsville, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake; Dave does his business speaking all over).  Wendy had July Ensign article and keeps working on missionary mental health committee ( you can now order her booklet, “adjusting to missionary life” from
  • Emotionally, we wonder if and when we will grow up and find the enduring peace the gospel promises by discovering our personal identity
  • Physically, we are aging (duh) with normal aches and pains , Wendy is aging much better than Dave!!!
  • Spiritually, we are ever grateful for the Savior’s redeeming grace where our weaknesses give us insight and our mistakes are forgiven.

We live our lives hoping we can be a source of good for those we care about, including each of you.


Please stay in touch.  You are our source of renewal and hope.


CMM Missionaries

It has been awhile since we have sent out an update ….

As our CMM mission becomes a more faint memory in the past and as present challenges of family, work, personal lives, church service, and the inevitable demands of life take more of our time and energy, we like to periodically check in to remind us all of our common bond.

While missionaries, one of the great blessings was to push aside (most) of life’s demands and focus on serving and building the kingdom.  Now, when those life demands become real, we serve in so many other ways.

We are so delighted to hear from each of you … about your commitments to family, your professional choices, your service to others, and your personal learning.   We also appreciate the struggles that shape who we are and hope you are comfortable sharing them.

We are not going to have a formal reunion at the October General Conference, but if you are in town and want to gather, let us know.

And, please give us an update on what and how you are doing.

We continue down the paths we have created.  Wendy is doing church talks through Time Out for Women (this fall in Denver, Logan, Boise, Las Vegas, Huntsville, Alabama, and Salt Lake City).   She wrote a short book on “habits of happiness” for Deseret Book and has done other talks for different groups.  She has an article in the July Ensign and has taught a special Sunday School class on parenting young adults. She continues to be invited to work on missionary mental health issues.  The booklet Adjusting to Missionary Life comes from their committee and they are working on helping missionaries return from their missions.   Dave continues to travel (50% global) for his work.  He keeps writing and thinking about talent, leadership, and culture issues.  He did the commencement talk at the Michigan Business School (attached) where he tried to coach the graduates into turning choices into commitments.   He teaches 16/17 year olds in Sunday School and high priests twice a month.  Fun callings.

We still live in Alpine and now have 6 grandkids and enjoy time with them.  They range from 5 years to 6 months and we are finding that our real “kingdom” is within the family.  We are amazed at the energy required of our 3 children and their spouses, to raise kids (you probably know this if you have children).   It is easier to be grandparent than parent.   We took a few weeks this January to go to sit on a beach in San Diego where we could ponder, write, and exercise in a more moderate climate (we may do this again!!!).   We are trying to eat healthy (yes, this is not a joke) and exercise regularly.

We continue to recognize and realize the blessings of the gospel with the inevitable hope in the future, the ability to repent in the present, and the capacity to have friendships that endure.

We consider you our friends and are so delighted to hear of both progress and challenges as we move into ever-new phases of our lives.

Again, please stay in touch.


Dave/Wendy Ulrich



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