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Map Cruncher and Book of Mormon Geography
A major corner has been turned in the development of the Zarahemla Centric Heartland Model (ZCHM) of the Book of Mormon. Having added Jaredite locations to the model and putting Entities and Relationships into a database, I have now commenced a Visual Studio software project that will handle all aspects of the ZCHM (or any other model) in a generic data driven way. Basically, accurately tracking 872 geography data points is just too overwhelming, even for me, who is fully dedicated to it. The software program, tentatively called "Map Cruncher" will be made available to everyone for download and will allow anyone to define and create, alter, and use any database driven model for what they think the Book of Mormon says and also what they think the map should be and then have the Map Cruncher automatically compare the Book of Mormon definitions against the map definitions. The program will use GPS coordinates, entity definitions, application rules, and interpretation rules to validate both maps and Book of Mormon definitions, bearings and distances, pointing out issues, missing relationships (like syllogisms), and contradictory definitions. It will provide extensive reporting capabilities. I am creating the program now even as I write this. I am far enough along to know that yes, I will succeed with it. I estimate three more months for version 1 to be available.

My goal from the beginning of this project has been to bring researchers and interested individuals together in a way that can move serious studies of the Book of Mormon forward and help provide a consensus for geography. Consensus will be a powerful thing. However the geography aspect of the Book of Mormon, in terms of the ZCHM Entity Relationship Table, has been way too complicated and overwhelming for others to grasp, so I am expecting this tool will help and provide a means for everyone to help improve the model.

The geography of the Book of Mormon is extremely important. It was included to be a testimony of the historical reality of the Book of Mormon and the geography (the land of the Book of Mormon) is tied to the covenants of the Lord. We as a people just haven't done well in the past and have got to do better. Imagine if the location of the Jerusalem of the Bible was unknown and therefore considered by many to be just a fictional place? We will do better with the Book of Mormon. We must do better. I am seeing to it personally and hoping you will join in my efforts.

For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, 
until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth.

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