Last updated: 11 Jun 2016

This site represents my personal collection of scriptures, information, and opinions. It has no affiliation with any church, organization or legal entities.

Throughout history those who love God and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel have been personally encouraged to make religious truth more widely known in terms of: 1) taking upon ourselves the name of Christ; and 2) being a witness of God in all things and in all places.

I hope to enhance the study of holy writ by providing additional information that centers on each verse of scripture. Usually, religious commentary quotes scripture – which makes the scripture quotation secondary rather than the center of discussion. One of the unique aspects of the word of God is the deep historical and spiritual dimension it has, which is why whole books can be written on the significance and meaning of a single verse of scripture.

Not just words, but also photos, video, sound, diagrams, commentary, and supporting websites are planned to enhance and amplify the significance of each verse. I am in no hurry, as quality is favored over quantity. This is an endeaver expected to take many years. However, many of you have wisdom and experience greater than mine and I welcome your comments.

For those who are not of my Latter-day Saint faith please know that your positive input is welcome and prized. Truth knows no boundaries.

- Jay Mackley